La Veil DCH-210 Humidifier

La Veil DCH-210 Humidifier Review

The La Veil DCH-210 humidifier is an electronic, automatic cigar humidifier that uses distilled water and can run on battery or AC power. This review describes the features of the humidifier, explains the benefits and disadvantages of the unit, and shows you where to find the best price.

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Why Use a Cigar Humidifier?

Long-time cigar enthusiasts may be familiar with the terms ‘humidifier’ and ‘humidor’ as they relate to cigar storage, but for those new to cigar smoking, here’s a primer. A cigar humidor is the box in which cigars are kept. A cigar humidifier adds moisture to the humidor to better assist in the process of maintaining the right balance of humidity. A humidor is important for cigar storage as it maintains the constant level of humidity that will help the cigar stay fresh and maintain its full flavor.

La Veil DCH-210 Humidifier

La Veil DCH-210 Features

The La Veil DCH-210 humidifier is designed for humidors from 25 to 300 cigars. It has a built-in fan and hygrometer. The user can use the built in humidity setting or adjust it plus or minus 5%.

The unit can be powered by either the built in battery or AC power. The AC power cord has a convenient flat design which can be closed in the door of your humidor while preserving the critical door seal. The AC cord allows the unit to accept 110V or 240V AC power and is UL listed for safety.

Battery Power

The built in battery is a fully rechargeable lithium ion design and can be charged in about an hour. It charges either by the AC power cord or by optional USB adapter cord that you can plug into your computer. The unit runs for about 30 days on battery power and includes a low battery alarm with light and sound to let you know when there are four hours of charge remaining. Note that some users report that with larger humidors the battery loses charge quickly and only the AC power cord can provide enough power to keep the humidity at the appropriate level.

Water Level Alarm and LCD Display

The humidifier also include a low water alarm that flashes and sounds when the water reservoir is low. This serves as a convenient reminder to prevent your smokes from drying out. In addition, the device has an LCD liquid crystal display with light that shows the current humidity maximum and minimum relative humidity, average relative humidity over the last three days and temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.

DCH-210 Dimensions

The dimensions of the La Veil DCH-210 humidifier are 7 1/4″ x 4″ x 1 3/8″. Be sure to measure the inside of your humidor to make sure it will fit before purchasing.

User Reviews

This humidifier gets good reviews at with mostly 5/5 start ratings and an average rating of 4.1. Most users are happy with the device and have no complaints. A few mentioned that their humidifier did not work properly and needed to be replaced. A few mentioned that the battery was not able to power the humidifier in a large humidor.

Reviewer WRF from California: “I followed the instructions and found this item to be as described. Easy to use, best when running with AC rather than battery. The flat electrical cord works well allowing the Humidor to both close and seal well. Take note of the dimensions and I would recommend cutting a piece of paper to the size then place in your Humidor to see how many cigars you will no longer have room for using this humidifier. All in all very pleased with this purchase and would buy again with no hesitation.”
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This La Veil unit has a one-year warranty.

Where to Buy

The La Veil DCH-210 humidifier retails for about $130. A little internet research may yield an even better price. frequently has this model on sale with free Super Saver shipping.


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