Cigar Tubes

Cigar Tubes

Got cigars? Then protect them and look cool at the same time with your own very special cigar case known as a cigar tube. You’ve spent the money on an expensive cigar so you want it fresh, secure, and ready when you are. You don’t want your cigar crushed or subject to uncertain weather conditions. It only makes sense to use an airtight, waterproof, and sturdy tube to protect your smoke. Quite a few cigar cases now offered have cedar lining inside to keep the freshness and aroma of the tobacco wrapper. A cigar carried in a cigar case does not lose the humidity as fast. The cigar case also protects the fragile wrapper from being cracked. This protection makes a cigar case a valuable investment. Whether you are going out for the evening or the weekend, if you have cigars, you need a cigar tube.

Smoke Storage in Style

Beyond these precautions, you’ll appreciate carrying your favorite cigar around in style. Give up the zip-loc baggies and make a statement with a cigar tube. Did you know that cigar tubes are available that are capable of holding a single cigar, two cigars, or three at a time? You have even more choices: you can go with basic plastic or tubes constructed from premium quality stainless steel or aluminum. Finish? Polished to brush finish. What about engraving? Decide whether you’ll display your initials, name, fraternity, or monogram. Maybe you’ll select a special message or a nickname. Cigar cases have evolved quite a bit in style and features. Some cigar tubes are even available in leather. But apart from all this variety, it just looks classy to carry cigars in cigar tubes.

Cigar Tube

Customize the Tube

The unique and distinct marking you choose makes your tube a treasured possession. Consider the cigar tubes when searching for unforgettable gifts for friends and family. Everyone loves customized or personalized items. Monograms in elaborate fonts are very popular. Imagine pulling out a shiny silver cigar tube with fancy scrolled letters during a night out on the town. For road trips, your cigar tube is your personal cigar suitcase. It really is the more sophisticated way to carry and smoke a cigar. Improve your smoking experience on-the-go with a cigar tube.

Where to Buy Cigar Tubes

Where do you buy cigar tubes? How much do they cost? If you want to spend as little as possible, check out They have hundreds of cigar tubes starting at just a few dollars. One of the highest rated is the cigar tube from Le Tube.

Another choice from Amazon: Prestige Import Group Acrylic Cigar Tubes – Plastic Cigar Tube. These are clear, look like test tubes, and sell for only $3 each.

If you’re ready to be flashier, Visol offers a large assortment of cigar cases at affordable prices. They claim to have the best values for your money. The Darryl from Visol
impresses with its sleek gunmetal body combined with a polished finish.  It is capable of holding once cigar up to a 46 ring gauge at a time. On the outside of the cigar tube, personalize it with free engraving. Choose a name or short message. Wouldn’t this be a wonderful gift for a birthday or wedding favors for groomsmen? This style is 7.15 inches long, weighs about 3 ounces and holds one cigar up to 46 ring gauge and 6 inches long. Cost? About $25.

Tubes for Multiple Cigars

Need to transport multiple cigars? There are tubes for that too. Some tubes partition off each cigar in it’s own space while others store them all in one area. If you typically smoke the same cigar a cigar tube that stores them all in the same space will be ok. If you plan on transporting different types of cigars you should purchase a cigar case that keeps them separated so that each retains it’s unique characteristics.

Cigar aficionados, rejoice! Protect your favorite Churchill, Robusto or Corona cigars in stylish yet reasonably priced cigar tubes.

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