Cigar Oasis XL Plus Humidifier

Cigar Oasis XL Plus Humidifier Review

The Cigar Oasis XL Plus humidifier is an electronic, automatic cigar humidifier that uses distilled water and can run on battery (optional) or AC power. This review describes the features of the humidifier, explains the benefits and disadvantages of the unit, and shows you where to find the best price.

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What is a Cigar Humidifier?

Some basic terms you will encounter, if you’re new to the cigar smoking world, are ‘humidifier’ and ‘humidor’. A humidor is the container or compartment that cigar smokers use to store their cigars until they are ready to enjoy them. If you are just an individual smoker you may have a humidor that has a cigar storage capacity of a dozen or more cigars. A retail cigar shop, of course, would have display cases with the capacity to store hundreds of them. A humidifier is used to help regulate the proper amount of moisture in the humidor. Too wet or too dry is too bad for good smoke. A quality humidifier will allow you to adjust the humidity levels to suit your own tastes. An electronic cigar humidifier can fit directly inside your storage container or it can be attached with wires to be situated on the outside. The Cigar Oasis XL Plus electronic humidifier is one such device that will allow you to control moisture levels with more water storage capacity than the regular XL model.

Cigar Oasis XL Plus Humidifier


The Cigar Oasis XL Plus electronic humidifier is a fully automated unit. It is compact and lightweight and is designed to regulate humidors with the capacity to store up to 1,000 cigars, about 10 cubic feet. The XL Plus model features a low water and low battery indicator and has a built-in humidity hygrometer. A feature that makes the XL Plus different from the XL model is the additional water holding capacity. The XL unit can hold more distilled water. This increased water storage means you can operate the humidifier twice as long as the regular Cigar Oasis XL model before needing to refill it.

The XL Plus can operate with a standard AC adapter but you can also purchase a battery pack. The adapter is good for home storage and the battery pack makes the unit ideal for traveling. The power cord is thin enough so you can create a tight seal on the humidor. The unit also features an easy-to-read digital display. All in all, this is a no-worry, dependable machine. You just need to make sure you monitor the water levels, which is easy enough to do with the low water indicator.


The XL Plus model has the same dimensions as the regular XL: 2″ W x 3.5″ H x 6″ L. It weighs just 14.4 ounces. It’s light, compact and durable.

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User Reviews

Overall, customers have been more than satisfied with their purchase of the Cigar Oasis XL Plus electronic humidifier. Some customers have had mild complaints about the noise level the unit generates, but most agree that “life is too short for cheap cigars,” so a little noise is a small price to pay for maintaining the freshness and full flavor or your fine cigars.

Amazon customer, Mr. V. had this to say about the Cigar Oasis XL Plus:

“Have owned the Oasis XL for several years, dog chewed through electric wire to wall. Now, have upgraded to the XL Plus for my 300 stick humidor, and, voila, the BEST! Set it and forget it. The water reservoir is huge, have tried to fill it again after two weeks running, but it had remained mostly full. Digital light remains on all the time, but have been told this is normal. Set it at 71 and it remains at 71, with fan turning on only occasionally, as needed. Cigars nice and moist, but not too moist, just right. Do it!”

Dr, Stogie Fresh at had this to say about the XL Plus as compared to the regular XL model:

“The primary difference is that the new water cartridge and airflow mechanics allow the XL Plus to pick up more moisture and provide more rapid humidification. This is especially useful with larger humidors and cabinets, which lose humidity rapidly when opened, and whose volume requires rapid re-humidification. The better performance of the XL Plus is due to replacing the water wicking system with a foam system.”

Where to Buy

The Cigar Oasis XL humidifier retails for about $130. A little internet research may yield an even better price. frequently has this model on sale with free Super Saver shipping.

How to Use the Cigar Oasis XL Plus

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