Cigar Oasis Ultra

Cigar Oasis Ultra Humidifier Review

The Cigar Oasis Ultra humidifier is an electronic, automatic cigar humidifier that uses distilled water and runs on battery or AC power. This review describes the features of the humidifier, explains the benefits and disadvantages of the unit, and shows you where to find the best price.

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Cigar Oasis Ultra

What is a Cigar Humidifier?

If you have money invested in fine cigars, you’re going to want to make sure you store them property. Too much moisture in your cigar storage container can ruin the taste of good tobacco. Conversely, if the air is too dry, that can also have a negative impact on your enjoyment of your cigars. It makes sense then to get a quality humidor to keep your cigars preserved until such a time as you are ready to enjoy them. Humidors come in various sizes. There are humidors that are perfect for housing a few dozen cigars and some humidors have the capacity to store several hundred fine cigars. To help regulate the humidity levels within your humidor, you’ll also need to purchase a humidifier. An electronic cigar humidifier is used to control the level of moisture in the humidor to within a certain percentage. You can buy a humidifier to control humidors capable of holding 25 cigars on up to display cases that can hold many hundreds of cigars. One such electronic humidifier is the Cigar Oasis Ultra.

Cigar Oasis Ultra Features

The Cigar Oasis Ultra is a small, compact unit that is best used on a smaller humidor. It is designed to fit inside the humidor and run off a battery pack. For small humidors where the unit won’t run very much the battery may be adequate. If you feel that the humidor is causing too much of a drain on the batteries, you can use the supplied AC adapter to plug the unit into the wall.

The Cigar Oasis Ultra unit features an easy-to-read digital display that also has an alarm to indicate both low battery and low water levels. This electronic humidifier uses 100% distilled water and will maintain the proper humidity of the humidor for several weeks, unattended. There is a built-in hygrometer as well and it comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Cigar Oasis Ultra Dimensions

The Cigar Oasis Ultra model weighs one pound with a shipping weight of 2.5 pounds. This unit is 1″ H x 2.5″ W x 6.375″ L. The compact humidifier is perfect for traveling and is great for small to medium humidors of up to a 75 cigar capacity. The unit comes with a battery pack and a standard AC adapter.

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User Reviews

Reviews on the Cigar Oasis Ultra are mixed. Some Amazon customers love its compact size and testify that it does a great job for small humidors. There have been complaints, however, that the unit is unreliable and gives inaccurate readings.

BigH75 had this to say about the unit:

“Bought this about 9 months ago and have never once regretted it. As a periodic cigar smoker, I don’t have the time to keep checking the humidor and making sure everything is perfect. With this system in my 25 cigar humidor, I literally put the cartridge in, plug it in and forget about it. Cigars are always perfect. Some complain that it may be off in its readings and I can’t validate it, but I have never had a problem and my cigar smoking friends marvel at the consistency of my humidor. Best part is that when the water is out it beeps to let you know. In a well-seasoned humidor the water lasts a couple of months.”

Ozoneman had a different experience, however:

“I tested this unit before putting in my humidor to see how accurate it really is. It’s been sitting in a sealed bag for 2 days with salt solution and reading keeps dropping starts at 85 when you plug it in then works it’s way down to now past 69. Still not sure if it’s settled. Wet salt solution is always 75 humidity dead on this unit is at least 5 off if not more.

Where to Buy

The Moist ‘N’ Aire humidifier retails for about $80. A little internet research may yield an even better price. frequently has this model on sale with free Super Saver shipping.

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